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  • GA

    “I recently purchased some business insurance from Brigitte Viola for my real estate company.  I just wanted to write and point out the obvious.

    1. She is very professional. 

    2. Her Customer service is above the bar.
3  She is well versed and easy to understand in explaining the products available to laymen such as myself. 
4. Finally, I can tell through the phone by listening to her, she enjoys what she does, because she is smiling.

    As long as there is a Real Care Insurance Company, Brigitte will always be my agent.  Oh, by the way she will now start the process of insuring the three vehicles I own.”

  • RB

    “My E&O insurance was coming due in February of 2012.  My previous insurance company gave me not only a heads up late in the game about the renewal policy but they quoted me ‘more’ money than the premium of last year.

    I contacted Duane Gomer of Duane Gomer seminars because I highly respect him.  He suggested that I try RealCare.  I got an application and my executive secretary and I filled it out right away.  Within an hour, Nancy called me, kindly, to go over my information.  Nancy was so kind because I was making her laugh at my ignorance over some of my answers to some of the questions.  Nancy did not make me feel stupid.  She helped me.  Within a couple of days, I was so humbled at the quote she got me with an amazing deductible.  I can’t tell you how empowered I felt for taking the time to shop my E&O insurance, but, it was Nancy that took the time to help me.  Nancy is so fast at returning calls and e- mails.

    Here it is:  I trust her totally.

    Needless to say, my previous insurance company was begging for my business, stating they would match Nancy’s quote.  What this company doesn’t know about me, is I am not cheap.  I could not buy what she did for me.  Nancy was kind, answered my questions, and got me a fair quote off the bat.  Even if the other company came in cheaper, I want you to know, first impressions are everything to me, and I know I am in good hands with Nancy.”

  • RE

    “In this business world of ours, where courtesy and helpfulness seem to be things of the past, I thought I would take this opportunity to write to you about the excellent service I received through your employee, Brigitte Viola, regarding my E/O Insurance for my company.

    I have been obtaining quotes and negotiating with other insurance companies, but found Brigitte Viola the most helpful with my insurance needs. It is reassuring to receive such considerate and personal attention, which naturally tends to strengthen my confidence in your company-Real Care Insurance.”