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Express Application (Choose your Premium and Pay Today)

This option is for real estate agents and brokers whose total gross revenues did not exceed $500,000 for the past 36 months (excluding property managers, business brokers and mortgage brokers).

Easy steps to obtain your E&O!

  1. Complete the Express application and calculate your total premium.
  2. Click on the PayNow icon below and pay the calculated total premium* via ACH or Credit Card. Or, if you would like to finance your premium (10% down and 9 payments), just let us know.
  3. Receive your insurance binder!

Express Application

Click HERE for the Express Application

Once you have submitted your application, and selected your premium, you can pay online by clicking the PayNow button:


Standard E&O Program

This option is for real estate brokers who provide services of property management, mortgage or business brokering. This is also the option if you are a real estate brokerage with gross commissions exceeding $500,000 in the past 36 months.

Click HERE for the Standard E&O Application

Supplemental Forms (if applicable):

Other Services Supplemental Application

You must complete this form if you engage in, or plan to engage in: Property Management, Business Brokering, Appraisals, Construction/Development, Mortgage Brokering, or Auctioneering.

Other Services Supplement

Claim Supplement

You must complete this form if you have had a professional liability claim in the last 5 years, or have had any act or omission which might reasonably be expected to be the basis of a claim or lawsuit against you.

Claim Supplement

No Known Losses or Circumstances Statement (NKL)

You must complete this form (in addition to the application) if you have submitted your bind request after the effective date of your new policy, or for a variety of other reasons. Your agent will let you know if this form is needed.

No Known Loss (NKL) Statement