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Real Estate E&O

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Comprehensive Coverage. Competitive Pricing.

As a REALTOR®, you need to protect yourself from Errors & Omissions claims, but you need to make sure you have the right coverage, without overpaying. RealCare can offer E&O insurance with important policy features like coverage for agent-owned property, legal assistance for disciplinary proceedings, coverage for undisclosed fungi or bacteria on a property, lock box incidents, and coverage for fair housing discrimination lawsuits. You may also qualify for a deductible reduction. You can rely on RealCare to help you get the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

Policy Features

  • AM Best Rating: AM Best Rating: A+ (Superior) by AM Best, Financial Size Category XV
  • Deductible Reduction: 50% reduction with proof of the following: use of any Home Warranty and Property Inspection and Seller Disclosure and Standard sales contract OR claim settlement within one year from date of reporting – maximum reduction $5000
  • Fair Housing Discrimination: Up to $500,000 base policy period sublimit.
  • Lock Box/Open House: Policy limits: bodily injury, property damage
  • Loss of Earning: $500/day, $7500 Max per claim, $25K per year
  • Agent Owned Property: YES
  • Pollution Coverage: Policy limits: unintentional nondisclosure
  • Disciplinary Proceedings: $25K per claim/$50K each policy period
  • Subpoena Assistance: $25,000 each subpoena
  • Fungi and Bacteria Sublimit: Up to $500,000 included (failure to disclose)
  • Reimbursement for Security Incidents: $25,000 per claim/$50,000 per policy period
  • Reimbursement for Public Relations Crisis: $15,000 per claim/$30,000 policy period.
  • Non-Profit Directors’ & Officers’ Liability: $15,000 per claim/$30,000 per policy period
  • Professional Reputation Protection Expenses: $5000 per policy period
  • Innocent Insured: Included
  • Defense In Addition to Limits: AVAILABLE
  • First Dollar Defense: AVAILABLE
  • Aggregate Deductible: AVAILABLE
  • Death or Disability Reporting Period Option: FREE Unlimited Extended Reporting Period
  • Retirement Reporting Period Option: FREE Unlimited Extended Reporting Period (if continuously with Navigators for 5 years by age 65)